New CO2 Bubblers


eFlow Antistatic Devices

AC350 / AC700

This device has been designed for the purpose of inhibiting static charges from static electricity that occur in work, during the DIW process of your company's cleaning device. It is structured such that it can be placed on its own within a clean room. By dissolving CO2 in the DIW used in the washing process, using the "hollow fiber membrane" we developed on a proprietary basis, the charging of work by static electricity is prevented.

Key Points

Stable control of the resistivity value

DIC original hollow fiber gas permeable membrane and bypass method, and the adoption of a Japanese-made resistivity sensor realizes stable resistivity management and simple operation.

Large capacity

Maximum treated water flow rate

  • AC350 - 3600 L/h
  • AC700 - 7000 L/h

Can be connected to 12-inch dual spindle dicing equipment

  • AC350 - 3 units
  • AC700 - 6 units

DIC Original CO2 gas Injection module

The DIC original hollow fiber gas permeable membrane used inside the module dissolves CO2 gas efficiently, so wasteful consumption of CO2 gas can be reduced.