New Water Filtration System

WFS - 1040

Dicing Saw Filtration System

GTS's skid mounted dicing saw filtration system provides a high quality turn-key water filtration solution. Our system is designed to continuously recycle, filter, condition, and store water in a clean-side supply tank; so that there is always a polished water supply available for dicing and singulation operations. By utilizing a re-circulating design no drain installation is necessary. At 36"x60" the skid footprint is small enough to be mobile and easily positioned within the vicinity of the tool.

Our filtration system also includes a chiller which regulates water temperature to ensure proper saw blade operation. This dual loop 5-stage filtration system is the only system available in the market to filter out 0.1 micron particles. Our system includes both bag filters and cartridge filters which are readily available, and changed with quick access and minimal effort. Our compact, skid-mounted, closed-loop, dicing saw filtration system is your answer to addressing not only environmental discharge issues (zero discharge), but also saving up to a million gallons of water in a period of one year.

System Features

  • Continuous filtration of dicing saw water
  • 5-Stage filtration
  • Filtration from 0.1 micron
  • Water temperature control
  • Cooling capacity 2400W at 20OC
  • Power: 220 volts single-phase (50 Hz or 60 Hz)
  • Circulation capacity 5 to 10 gpm (higher capacity available)

Process Summary

This 5 stage filtration skid is designed to remove suspended particle contamination, and recycle water from the wafer saw operation. The system consists of two separate water filtration loops. A dirty side loop and a clean side loop. The filter skid is designed to reclaim and recycle 100% of the water. The capacity of the system is 10 gallons per minute at 40 PSI.

There are several options available for this Closed Loop System.

  1. DI resin mix bed, 3.6 cubic feet unit, 14 x 48 media tank or equal
  2. 12000 BTU chiller with digital auto on/off control
  3. Supply water PH probe
  4. Supply water resistivity probe
  5. Water supply pressure transducer with local display
  6. Water supply temperature transducer with local display
  7. Local display unit (local display control unit is required if any of the option 3,4,5,6 are selected)
  8. Leak containment (2 to 3 inch berm) with point of connection drain fitting