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Now offering a full line of NEW Semi-Auto and Full-Auto Dicing Saws and Slicers!

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Welcome to Giorgio Technology Sales/Service

Breaking News

GTS proudly announces we will now be offering a full line of NEW Semi-Auto and Full-Auto Dicing Saws and Slicers!

GTS is the North America representative of  Accretech (Tokyo Seimitsu Co., LTD) and DAStech Inc. Both companies represent the highest values of performance and “can do” attitude in the industry.

Accretech is best known for Probers and Measurement Instruments and tools, but they also have been manufacturing Dicing Saws since the 1970s. DAStech, a spinoff of Disco, is known as the leader in Slicing Saws and technology.

We also offer a full line of dicing blades, back grind wheels, UV and Non-UV tape for both dicing and back grinding.

About GTS

GTS started as a service company repairing and providing preventive maintenance on Disco dicing saws and K&S dicing saws. Upon seeing what customers were purchasing from brokers and refurbishers it was obvious that there was a need for a company who really understood the definitions of refurbishment, service, quality and integrity.

With the experience of working for the number one dicing saw company, in the capacity of building, servicing dicing saws and back grinders, GTS began offering the industry the highest quality, best supported refurbished tools and products second to none. When you call to inquire about one of our refurbished tools you will receive the information you need to know about any of our dicing saws or back grinders. Unlike our competitors we won't ask you for a "PO" before giving you this information. Our refurbished dicing saws and back grinders go through an extensive process where worn out, or broken items, are replaced and all axis's and sub-components are inspected and, if needed, are rebuilt or replaced. For budget minded customers, we offer "operational" dicing saws and back grinders. In fact our "operational" tools are at a higher level than others "refurbished" tools. Where others just clean the tool and check to see if it will turn on, GTS goes beyond that. All of our tools go through a MAJOR PM plus our extensive process to replace bad or out of spec components, and then are calibrated to meet the OEM specifications.

Complete Solution and Value Added Products

GTS focuses on the dicing and grinder process, which sets us apart from others who may only be sales orientated or are trying to be experts in many processes. With our experience in dicing know-how we can work with you on your application in helping you to select the right blade, dicing tape, process parameters and configure the saw with the right chuck table, blade cover, other compounds, or modifications, to insure that when the dicing saw leaves our site you are ready to process your product.

We also have the support equipment needed to have a turn key process. We also offer new or refurbish wafer mounters, wafer washers, UV curing equipment and a closed loop system designed to capture the dicing drain waste.

GTS can also provide dicing consumables such as tape frames, grip rings, dicing chuck tables, dicing tape and surfactant.

Service and Support

Unlike most of our competition, GTS supports what we sell. GTS can service your current installed tools with both on-site repair and telephone support. We have an extensive inventory of mechanical parts, reconditioned PCBs, air bearing spindles and other components in house and off site. We also have on site inverter, driver and PCB repair.

GTS can help you troubleshoot your dicing saw or back grinder by having you send us your suspect PCB, etc. for testing. Ask our competition; can they do that?

Due to our skill, knowledge and high level of performance we were selected by DISCO HI-TEC AMERICA as its Exclusive Legacy Service Provider in 2007-2013.


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