PCB / Driver / Inverter Repair

GTS has an extensive inventory of reconditioned PCBs, inverters and converters for a broad range of Disco and K&S equipment, including: Disco DAD 2H/6(T), 300, 600 series dicing saws and K&S 780 and 980 dicing saws.

GTS Incoming Parts Authorization Form

Enter your contact information below and send us your damaged item(s). You will receive a free repair quote 3 to 5 days after we receive your damaged items.


  • Click here to open the Authorization Form
  • Fill out the form. All fields are required.
  • Print 2 copies for yourself and then hit "submit" to send us an electronic copy.
  • Enclose one copy of the form with your item(s).
  • Keep one copy for your records.
  • Email the tracking number for your package to: gtsaz@aol.com

GTS is not responsible for any shipping costs.