New Water Filtration System

Dicing Saw Closed Loop Filtration System

The Water Filtration System (WFS) is a skid mounted dicing saw filtration system which provides a high quality turn-key water filtration solution. The system is designed to continuously recycle; filter, condition, and store water in a supply tank; so that there is always a clean water supply available for dicing and spindle cooling operations. By utilizing a re-circulating design no drain installation is necessary. The skid footprint is small enough to be easily positioned within the vicinity of the tool.

We offer several models for various applications, give us a call and let’s discuss which model will work best for you.

The WFS also includes a chiller which regulates water temperature to ensure proper OEM specs are maintained. This dual loop multi-stage filtration system is the only system available in the market to filter out 0.1 micron particles. Our system can be configured with both bag and cartridge filters which are readily available.  The filter housings are designed for quick access and minimal effort of filter changes.

The Water Filtration System (WFS) comes in the following models: 

  • WFS0645 is ideal for 1~2 dicing saws (single spindle) or 1 dual spindle saw.  Has 4 filter housings and supplies 6gpm @ 45psi water that is temperature controlled.  Both dicing process and spindle cooling water are controlled with the system.

  • WFS1545 is ideal for 1~6 dicing saws (single spindle). Has 5 filter housings and supplies 15gpm @ 45psi water that is temperature controlled. Both dicing process and spindle cooling water are controlled with the system.

  • WFS101545 is ideal for 1~8 dicing saws (single spindle). Has 4 filter housings and supplies 15gpm @ 45psi for the dicing process and 10gpm @ 45psi for the spindle cooling process.  Both dicing process and spindle cooling are temperature controlled.  This model is setup to use 3 (14”) diameter carbon and resin bottles to further increase the quality of the water.

How It Works

The Water Filtration System (WFS) provides clean temperature controlled water by filtering dirty water through two loops of filtration. The first loop takes incoming water and passes it through three filter housings, sends it to the chiller and finally to a secondary tank. If there is no demand for water from the process, this water cascades to the first tank to be scrubbed again for continual cleaning. When the water is needed, the second loop takes water from the second tank and passes it through two more filter housings and sends it out for use in the system. Filter sizes (mesh size) is determent by your process. This is not a one size fits all solution; it's customized to your material and process needs.






48"L x 24"W x H

63”L x 33”W x 68.2”H

84”L x 36”W x 89”H


3400 BTU

18000 BTU

36000 BTU


6 gal/min total

15 gal/min total

15 gal/min for process

10 gal/min for spindle cooling


45 psi

45 psi


220VAC 20A 1 phase

208VAC 30A 50/60Hz 3 phase


+/- 1°C

+/- 1°C

Available Options for the WFS

  • Multi parameter controller
  • PH Sensors (requires controller)
  • Conductivity sensors (requires controller)
  • In line conductivity warning light
  • Digital temperature sensor with over temperature alarm
  • Digital pressure sensor with overpressure alarm
  • Low water shutoff sensor
  • Leak sensor with alarm and shut off
  • Dirty filter sensor (pressure switch)
  • Audible alarm

Key Points

  • The WFS features 100% water recycling, vastly reduces the amount of contaminated water being sent down the drain, potentially saving you millions of gallons a year.

  • Example:

  • Temperature controlled to +/- 1°C and filtered down to 0.1 micron, the water provided by the system is ideal for the dicing process.

  • Optional leak detection and abatement for safety, and various water sensors including PH, resistivity, and flow to monitor the process are available.

  • Low maintenance and easy filter replacement. The system supports bag and cartridge filters which can be tailored to your needs.

  • All contaminated hazardous materials are captured in replaceable filter elements. No back wash or discharge of contaminated water. Elements can be dried and handled as solid waste.

  • Operational parameters, set points and status are easily called up on the touch screen “At-a-Glance” display.

  • All components are compatible with DI water