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Wafer or Work

Work Size (inch): 8"
Thickness: 734um
Back Grinding: None
Street (width of cutting area including
chipping criteria):
TEG (test key): Many
Chip Size: 0.5mm x 10mm
Device Information: LCD-driver
Coat on Top and Back Side: Metal coat on back side
DAF (Die Attach Film): Yes

Cutting Condition

Machine Model: DFD6340 4sets
Spindle Speed: 35000rpm
Cut Mode: (full or step) 2step-cut
Feed Speed of Each Blade: Z1: f=30~40mm/sec
Z2: f=30~40mm/sec
Cutting Depth of Each Blade: Z1: depth into wafer: 250um
Z2: depth into tape: 30um
Current Blade (marker and description): Z1: Semitec F1625 (100pcs/month)
Z2: Semitec S1235 (100pcs/month)
Kerf Size and Target Chipping Size: Top-side chipping: under 15um,
Back-side chipping: under 15um
Tape (thickness) and Cutting Depth Into Tape: SPV224(0.07mmT),
Cutting depth into tape: 30um
Pre-cut Condition (spindle rate / feed speed / cut lines / wafer spec [mirror or product]): 30000rpm,10mm x 100 lines, 20mm x 100, 30mm x 100, 40mm x 100 with Si mirror wafer


Current Issue: Back side chipping, corner crack
Request: Longer life: >800m
Backside chipping: <30um

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